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Mad Yogi is here to help you


the stress and responsibilities of life

through deconstructed, demystified &

belief-neutral yoga movement and mindset,

making your yoga practice practical and relatable for your everyday life.


If you are looking for
a yoga practice that:

  • Has Scalable Intermediate Yoga VOD (video on demand) classes but still open to all experiences, from beginners to seasoned practitioners, allowing you to choose your intensity;

  • Is kind and accommodating to your body, mind and emotions - whatever shape, size, age or state - giving you the groundwork for self-love, self-acceptance and non-judgement;

  • Lets you be YOU with the help of modifications & encouragement to pare things back or to go further so you can scale and tailor your workout to YOU;

  • Is grounded in anatomical knowledge and safe biomechanical movement that helps in:

    • Keeping your movements safe while encouraging strength, flexibility and mobility,

    • Improving your posture and key body functions like breathing and mental acuity for overall physical health, and

    • Managing injuries you have acquired in your life.

  • Has BELIEF-NEUTRAL yoga mindsets to provide you with a mental and emotional safe space, whether you are spiritual or not.  I believe that the teachings of kindness, compassion, non-judgement and unconditional love transcends any religious or spiritual belief system, and I respect whatever you believe in.

  • And lastly, you will have a yoga practice that focuses NOT on the fancy pose, has NO airy-fairy talk and all that woo-woo stuff.  But rather on helping you through deconstructing and demystifying yoga to make it practical and relatable to everyday life so that you can freely REDISCOVER YOURSELF.


If all these speak to you, then welcome to the tribe!

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