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Hi, lovely!


I'm Aileen, your Mad Yogi!


I’m here to help you manage the struggles that life throws at you.

In this age being constantly run down by challenges and demands on your attention and time,

it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself.
But we really should, specially if we're over 40, have sustained injuries or haven't been taking care of ourselves, need to have calmer emotions & head-space, want to do yoga but can't deal with all airy-fairy talk of other yoga teachers or just have limited time!

Let me give you the highlights of why you will benefit from my classes.

My classes are:

  • On-Demand - do it anytime. If time is limited, you can set a separate timer and come back to your class anytime.

  • Practical & Grounded - no airy-fairy talk. Just practical instructions, clear benefits, safe alignment & options that make the flow and poses bespoke to you.

  • Sustainable & Modifiable - perfect for Over-40s, limited mobility or if you just want to be able to change the intensity of your yoga class.

  • Creative & Curated - the classes are programmed & there's wonderful variety of movement and challenge without overloading you with too many choices.

  • Empower Your Me-time & Self-care - take back the power over your own body, ​time & head-space.
    Self-accountability is a powerful thing!

Welcome to the Mad Yogi Tribe!

DVY Series 6.2 Pitta Balancing - Patient



You can access Free Classes in the Th Gift Room.

Just sign-up and these classes are yours to enjoy, on me!


With unlimited access, anytime, anywhere,

the Mini Flow Series gives you a trail and a taste

of the classes in the different rooms.

And I promise, I won't spam you! 

Newsletters come only once or twice a month; tops!

Then there's also the Mad Blog, the heart and mind companion to our physical practice, so you can take the lessons on the mat, off the mat;
and live yoga everyday.

Then take out a subscription to your favourite

Online Yoga Room!

If you want more details on why Mad Yogi's Online, On-demand yoga classes are the
Right Choice for You, read on...​

First of all, what I'm offering you is the ability to fit yoga in your life in a VERY PRACTICAL WAY!

  • Membership to the Mad Yogi website is free and it has wonderful perks!


  • You only pay for the video channels you subscribe to.

  • You'll be doing the class as if I AM THERE WITH YOU. 
    It's your own private yoga class complete with modifications and options for poses and flows.

  • You get UNLIMITED ACCESS to all videos in the channel or "rooms", of your choice.

  • You can take out subscriptions to all the channels, even those coming in the future
    and STILL PAY FAR LESS than the cost of an unlimited monthly or yearly yoga studio, gym or health club membership.

  • These yoga classes are PRE-RECORDED so you can do your class at your own time,
    anywhere you choose and on any device.  No type of booking or scheduling necessary at all.

  • If your time is limited, PAUSE and get back to it at your next Me-time.  BUT, promise yourself that me-time to gain the benefits of your classes.

  • The classes are designed and curated to give you an 

    attainable, comprehensive and balanced
    experience and benefit.

  • I’ve made it SO SIMPLE for you to do your classes - the different rooms will have a manageable number of classes and, since they are CURATED and programmed, you are encouraged to do all the classes in your channel.

  • You won't waste time scrolling through numerous & confusing choices.

  • You get access to the Workshop Room, which is a growing library of modifications, adjustments and progressions that support the classes in the Online Yoga Rooms.

  • Support and resources are all over the Mad Yogi website!

Plus, you have support from me - here or on our Facebook Mad Yogi Tribe Group; ask away!
It may be online, but you're not alone.

All of these allows you to Fit Yoga to You

in very practical ways that resonate with modern living.

Do you want to gift a subscription to someone?

Follow these easy steps:

1. Create log-ins for the recipient.
They can change these later.
2. Use the log-ins you created and proceed to your purchase.
3. Tell them about it! Give them the log-ins, and off they go!

Your recipient can change their log-ins by:


1. Logging-in using the details you used to purchased it as a gift.

2. They'll go to their "MY ACCOUNT" and change the email and password to their own.

3.  They can now use these new log-ins to enter their Online Yoga Room (video subscription).

It's that easy!

So,go ahead...

 ...and take a break from your busy routine and focus

some of that beautiful energy back to YOU.

I know this can sometimes (or often!) feel selfish, but we really should take care of ourselves.


Because the more we look after ourselves,

the more we can give to the people we love, the things we’re passionate about and the responsibilities of living.


Join me here at the Mad Yogi Online Yoga Rooms and through my curated Online Yoga Classes, let me help you establish a yoga practice that accommodates and responds to your physical, emotional, mental and lifestyle needs and empower you to nurture yourself through self-care.

Join the tribe!

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