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Practical Yoga Mindsets for the Modern Yogi | Mini-Course

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In this Practical Yoga Mindset Challenge/Mini-Course, we will be going through a mindset shift of who we are not just as yogis but as human beings in this 10 Mindsets of a Modern Yogi. We will explore what defines us as yoga practitioners, and how we can break-free of mindsets that don't serve us. At the end of the course, you would have: • Armed yourself with the confidence to question ideas and practices that may not be appropriate, • Extend this to other aspects of your life, and REDISCOVER YOURSELF in the process. • You will also have created meditation focus points or journal entries that you can revisit when you need to, and, • At the very least, opened our minds to other points of view; always an enriching activity. This course gives you a meditation and journal prompt workbook, the third and final phase of this 10 MINDSETS OF A MODERN YOGI collection. ------------------------------------------------------- **UPDATE/ October10, 2023** An updated workbook will be coming out soon!

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