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Practical Yoga Rituals

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This short course makes yoga part of your every-day life to create calm and balance – without having to go to the yoga studio, health club or gym! You will learn practical ways to integrate yoga into your life, from waking up in the morning to turning-in for the day. You will feel calmer, more relaxed and able to cope with daily stresses. You will also find a deeper appreciation and connection to the simple joys we encounter everyday but may not see because we’ve become blinded and burdened by stress and worry. I know how that feels.  I’ve lived through it… we all have.  That’s why it’s important to shrug off these burdens and arm ourselves with practical yoga rituals. In this short course, you will learn ➡ Morning, Mid-day and Evening rituals broken into 3 modules, each section or time of day has sets of: ​• Easy to remember anchoring, quieting and uplifting Mantras / Affirmations; • Breath-work you can do even during a busy day; • Guided Meditations that will help manage stressful days or bring a deeper sense of stillness to quiet ones; • Short yoga classes you can do even in bed or a quick hop on the mat. ​Go to the Flow Room for your Sol and Luna flows as well as your Dosha Vinyasa Yoga flows. Your E-book is the latest version.

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