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Practical Yoga Rituals

This short course makes yoga part of your every-day life to create calm and balance – without having to go to the yoga studio, health club or gym!

You will learn practical ways to integrate yoga into your life, from waking up in the morning to turning-in for the day.

You will feel calmer, more relaxed and able to cope with daily stresses.


You will also find a deeper appreciation and connection to the simple joys we encounter everyday but may not see because we’ve become blinded and burdened by stress and worry.

I know how that feels.  I’ve lived through it… we all have.  That’s why it’s important to shrug off these burdens and arm ourselves with practical yoga rituals.

Practical Self-Care

Bringing balance and a sense of self-awareness and appreciation back to everyday living through 15-minute daily self-care yoga practices.

Among all the people and things we take care of, there’s one person we usually leave out – us!

I’m here to help you focus some of that energy and attention back to you and, hopefully, make you a priority in your life through simple self-care practises.

At the end of the challenge...

You will have learned mindfulness practices, breathing practices, and flow practices that will be easy to implement, remember and create a habit of, so that self-care itself becomes a habit - helping you de-stress and feel lighter in your everyday life!

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Mindsets of the Modern Yogi

In this Mindset Challenge, we will be going through a mindset shift of who we are not just as yogis but as human beings in this 10 Mindsets of a Modern Yogi.


Decency, acceptance, non-judgement and kindness are universal and never exclusive to any schools of thinking or religious institution, societies or communities, and this is what we’ll explore.

Meditation and Journaling

This course gives you a meditation and journal prompt workbook, the third and final phase of this 10 MINDSETS OF A MODERN YOGI collection.

At the end of the course...

We will have, at the least, opened our minds to other points of view, and that’s always an enriching activity.

You will also have created meditation focus points or journal entries that you can revisit when you need to!