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Enjoy your FREE Yoga Classes, because you deserve your me-time!

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Enjoy sampling the NEW Constellation Series - on me!  The class below will change as the classes get uploaded in the Flow Room.  If you want to access all the classes PLUS the courses, take out one of the paid plans.  New classes come in every 15th and 30th.

What's the Constellation Series?


The Constellation Series is a fun and adventurous new set that has elements that evoke the spirit of the sun signs (or zodiac signs).  Now, don’t worry, I won’t suddenly give you your horoscopes!  I used the constellations as inspiration to create new ways to move the body and to challenge the mind and emotions.

Tala Salutation©

The classes come as a pair.  There’s a longer class and a shorter one that I call the Tala Salutations.  These have an intermediate intensity as compared to the Sol (sun) and Luna (moon) salutations and are components of the longer flows. These are wonderful for those times when you don’t have too much time for your yoga!

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