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to where you can enjoy the transformational physical, mental, & emotional benefits of yoga movement & mindset in a safe BELIEF-NEUTRAL online space where you can focus on your wellbeing, self-care and me-time to rediscover yourself...

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​This page it the NEW home for all our FREE content!  It will host PODCASTS, SHORT CLASSES & WORKSHOPS - all free!  They will be here for a limited time, so make sure you catch them.


After their stay on this page, the edited version - without all my "um's" and "ah's" and other tongue-trips...oh, and other post production improvements like lighting - will be added to their respective channels for my lovely Mad Yogi Club members to enjoy as evergreen content!​

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I only give out the Mad Yogi Newsroom letters up to 3 times a month...often, it's just 1!

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