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Practical Self-Care Mini Course


to where you can enjoy the transformational physical, mental, & emotional benefits of yoga movement & mindset in a safe BELIEF-NEUTRAL online space where you can focus on your wellbeing, self-care and me-time to rediscover yourself...

...for Free!


Limited time FREE content for you!

​This page is the home for all our FREE content!  It will host PODCASTS, SHORT CLASSES, COURSES & WORKSHOPS - all free!  They will be here for a limited time, so make sure you catch them.


After their stay on this page, they will be added or go back to their respective channels
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Image by Birgith Roosipuu

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*The Flow Classes in Lesson 4 can be found in the Flow Room. You can access them by taking out one of the affordable memberships or rent the classes.

The PRACTICAL SELF-CARE MINI COURSE is a self-paced 4-part course that will help you in establishing a good foundation for your self-care practice by identifying opportunities for it and what practices you can do.

The mini course is divided into

4 Lessons which include:

  1. Preparation Practices - crucial in putting yourself in the right mindset.

  2. Mindfulness Practices - where you will learn practical and relatable mindfulness opportunities.

  3. Breathing Practices - where I give you practical breathing techniques, and,

  4. Flow Practices - where we can put all of these together in a moving practice, helping us to incorporate all the lessons.

Each Lesson has 3 modules each, that's 12 practical and relatable yoga movement and mindset practices - a wonderful present to help you (or your loved one) #REDISCOVERYOURSELF under all the stresses, worries and responsibilities of life.

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Access the evergreen and ever-growing library of

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Slow Flow












Relatable yoga mindsets


No airy-fairy yoga mindsets


Incorporating yoga to everyday life

Here's what you'll get

Exclusive, Unlimited & Evergreen access to:


  • The FLOW ROOM for all your modifiable, adaptable, safe and fun yoga classes.

  • The COURSE ROOM for all your self-paced, self-care short courses, complete with their own videos and ebooks or workbooks (depending on the course). 

  • The WORKSHOP ROOM for all your pose and flow workshops that guide you through the why's and how's of our yoga poses.

  • Some workshop blogs are also exclusive to club members.


Join the Mad Yogi Club for your practical, relatable & belief-neutral online wellbeing space where you can REDISCOVER YOURSELF under all the stress of everyday living through deconstructed & demystified yoga movement & mindset.

Working Out at Home

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Hi! I'm Aileen, your Mad Yogi.

I passionately believe that yoga is for everybody – and this includes you who want a journey of rediscovery and the benefits of yoga but maybe not the beliefs.  Maybe you’re just not spiritual, want to keep it separate or maybe you see the woo-woo for what it is.


Don’t get turned-off from doing yoga, not all yoga teachers are like that; I certainly am not. 


But don't get me wrong, I'm not judging those who do believe in the woo-woo. In fact, you are just as welcome to the website as any.  Just know that what I offer is a belief-neutral space.


I myself am not spiritual but I strongly believe in the teachings of yoga over non-judgement, self-acceptance and unconditional love, among others.

These life-philosophies and guiding principles are universal and not exclusive to any belief system.

So, I deliver yoga by deconstructing and demystifying it into practical and sensible practices and mindsets; transforming your practice into something relatable and usable in your everyday life – whatever your shape, whatever your state and without rankling your sensibilities!


Start your journey of self-rediscovery!

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