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I help Over-40's

(and those who resonate with these)

who are:

Practical Minded

No airy-fairy woo-woo, yoga-speak here. Just grounded, down-to-earth, practical ways to tune in to yourself & use yoga as a Me-time & Self-care habit. From poses to flows to breath-work to mindfulness and well-being mindset – You will learn practical ways to bring balance back into your life.


And want more:

Physical Health - those who want to manage old or recurring injuries, mobility issues or increase and develop mobility, strength & flexibility.


Emotional & Mental Health – those who want a calmer, more compassionate self-awareness, and self-acceptance.  This is especially good for those who are struggling with body image.


You will get so much encouragement to Tune-in to your authentic self & create a healthy Me-time and Self-care habit through our yoga classes.

Welcome to the Mad Yogi Tribe!

Hi!  I'm Aileen,
your Mad Yogi!



Here's my YOGA journey...the short version!

I've always been interested in yoga but never got to study and practice until I found out I was pregnant!  It started off as a prenatal exercise and quickly became a passion.


I started learning everything I could but had doubts because,  I didn't have the "yoga body" and it all felt so intimidating.  Plus, I was busy with other aspects of life, mainly in my corporate career, and wondered how I could fit this new passion in my limited every-day living.

But I still wanted to become a teacher and realized my yoga passion revolved around these principles:

  • How to attain maximum benefit while keeping the body safe in its alignment, muscle engagement and joint articulation;

  • How to take the challenges I encountered on the mat,
    off the mat and into my heart and head space;

  • That I could be who I was physically [40-something, round and had a mommy-belly] and still be an effective, engaged and mindful yoga practitioner; 

  • How to fit yoga into my busy life; and

  • How can I help others who are in the same body, heart and head space as I was do the same.

Fifteen years on, I still believe in these ideals and they have influenced my sequencing system and style of teaching.

I'm so looking forward to sharing all these with you!

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