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June 14, 2018

I like taking photos of bees. I'm always amazed by them in so many ways, not least is their seeming dedication and devotion to what they do.  That seems silly when I really think about I don't! Haha!

But it got me thinking about how I relate this to the practice of yoga and how people would traditionally or conventionally understand this.

I wrote the following quite early this morning after a whole night of having the attached poster (I made of one of my bee photos) flying in my head.

"A Reflection on DEDICATION to our Yoga practise.  Some would say a dedicated pr...

June 11, 2018

It’s week 2 into my migraine and it’s been killing me! My head feels like it’s in a fog and cognitive processing is slow. 

My rights and lefts are even more muddled up than usual, going upside-down is unpleasant and turning my head to scan a roomful of people is making my head swim.

I needed to rest, but physically I was still fine and strong (ok, apart from everything I said above) but I had a new vinyasa flow and I was excited to teach it! Needless to say, I still did all my classes since the previous Sunday (end of March). But I made mistakes; multiple times in practi...

June 11, 2018

Like all yoga teachers, I’ve been asked numerous times what type of yoga I teach. A few months ago, one of my yoga tribe asked me specifically what “dosha vinyasa yoga” means and how is it different from all the other types of yoga out there.  The simple answer is: balance and being in that quiet space between. My “style” helps the modern yogi prevent and manage injuries, whether that's yoga related or not, by helping establish a practice that is accessible, comprehensive and balanced through my curated Dosha Vinyasa Yoga©.

Dosha Vinyasa Yoga© aims to balance the f...

June 11, 2018

I bought this gorgeous Esprit bag as a post-Christmas present for myself. It is tan in colour, soft suede, stylish flap-over design, spacious and really, really gorgeous. I have a bag obsession. Not any kind of bag though; I prefer slings and back packs. Big enough that I can stuff everything I need and, of course, it has to be cute. I also tend to only buy from specific brands. So when there’s something new, I start reasoning the purchase to myself and start obsessing over it. It would always feel so good when I finally get it. But after, the bag would wind up getting...

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