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Yoga and Mindset

              with your Mad Yogi, Aileen David

Welcome!  I think it's safe for me to assume you're looking to practice yoga, that's why you're here.

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If you are looking for a
 yoga practice that:
  • Is open to all experiences, from beginners to seasoned practitioners;

  • Is kind and accommodating to your body, mind and emotions - whatever shape, size, age or state;

  • Lets you be YOU with the help of modifications & encouragement to pare things back or to go further;

  • Is grounded in anatomical knowledge and safe bio-mechanical movement; and

  • A yoga practice that focuses NOT on the fancy pose, has NO airy-fairy talk and all that woowoo belief.  But rather on helping you through deconstructing and demystifying yoga to make it practical and relatable to everyday life.  If all these speak to you...

...then welcome to the Mad Yogi Tribe!

Hi! i'm Aileen, your Mad Yogi!


I passionately believe that yoga is for everybody – and this includes you who want the benefits

but not the beliefs.  Maybe you’re just not spiritual or maybe you see the woo-woo for what it is.


Don’t get turned-off from doing yoga, not all yoga teachers are like that.

So, here’s the yoga practice for you – #yogawithoutthewoo.

I deliver yoga by deconstructing and demystifying it into practical and sensible practices and mindsets; making it relatable and usable in your everyday life – without rankling your sensibilities!

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Online yoga at home is the way to go, even in the wake of Covid-19!  With affordable, unlimited access, do it anytime, anywhere online yoga classes, you get so much more.

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We can go through all the benefits you'll get from a yoga practice, but I think you already know this - strength, flexibility, clearer mind, calm emotions, all that...


...on top of all the bullet points above.

And yes, you will definitely get all these.  But there's nothing like experiencing it yourself.  So, I'd rather give you a  gift.


View the gallery in the Gift Room and experience the classes yourself!

The Mini Flow Series is a set of 12 FREE yoga classes approximately 15 minutes in length each.  If you want to try out or see all the classes, go straight to the FREE Trial Plan above.


This set is the perfect introduction to the entire collection as it samples my Dosha Vinyasa Yoga and HIIT/Yoga fusion.

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What you'll get

There are two main Online Yoga Rooms - the Course Room and Flow Room.


The Course Room houses all the short courses.  There are TWO courses available, the Practical Yoga Rituals and the Practical Self-Care. More courses are in the works.

The Flow Room houses all flow classes from the different series - Equinox, Dosha, Verve and Mini Flow series - numbering at 70 classes. They are grouped in their own channels to keep them curated and easy to use.  More classes are in the works too!

All access plans also gives you a once to thrice monthly newsletter to keep you updated on new classes, courses, blogs and affirmation cards.  Don't worry, I don't spam!

The other Online Yoga Rooms are the Reading Room for our blogs on mindset work and workshops.  The Affirmation Gallery houses all of the Mad Yogi Managing Roadblocks to Well-being cards for your daily inspiration.  More details below.

The last Online Yoga Room housed our Mindset Shift Podcasts; the audio version of our Friday Lives.

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Class Styles

The main style I teach in is a Slow Flow sequencing I call Dosha Vinyasa Yoga©.

This sequencing style I created is creative, modifiable and grounded in the intelligent movements of the body.  Nothing is forced and there are always options for the poses.


The pace and intensity of the classes also vary, but you will always hear me encouraging you to stop and rest whenever you need to.

You will always have the option to modify, use different variations of poses and use props if you need external support.  Or go deeper in the poses and increase repetitions if you are feeling like it.

I also have a set of 10 HIIT and Yoga fusion classes.  This is to give you some cardio classes to combine with the slow flow classes.  It's always good to mix it up every now and then to give ourselves a balanced workout.

Reviews from the tribe...

"Hi Eileen (sic),

I hope you are surviving this crazy time of physical distancing.

I am LOVING your Dosha Room online classes which keep me sane."


Practising Yoga with Dress
The Flow Room - 70 Classes


The Equinox Series©                  ​   These are short flows from 15 to 30 minutes.  The Equinox Series© are my own variations of the traditional sun and moon salutations.​  These are beautiful short yoga classes that you can do in the morning to quickly invigorate and prepare you for the day and to help you relax at the end for a more restful sleep.  ​You can even do them at any time of the day for a nice de-stressing routine!  Just hop on the mat and do one of the short classes. They're enough to re-align you to YOU.



The Dosha Series©                                                       These are longer yoga classes from 57 minutes to 1 hour & 45 minutes.  The DVY Series help you to balance out the different states we find ourselves in - from feeling un-grounded to impatient to feeling heavy and lethargic.  The classes are grouped in threes and cycle through balancing and smoothing out emotional and mental highs and lows by moving the body.


The Verve Series©         The Verve Series© is the HIIT & Yoga fusion classes which encourage a bit more cardio workout.  It will lift your heart rate, so be mindful of this.  We use props in these classes, so keep your props bag close to you.  I have a video on putting together your props bag, so please take the time to go through that; this is to support your home yoga practice.


The Mini Flow Series©         These are 15-minute bursts of creative, practical and fun flows that will help keep you grounded, fit, mindful and gives you a taste of the classes in the other series.

The Course Room - 2 Courses

Here's a sample outline of a course:

Practical Yoga Rituals - Morning, Mid-day and Evening rituals broken into 3 modules, each section or time of day has sets of:

• Easy to remember anchoring, quieting and uplifting Affirmations;

• Breath-work you can do even during a busy day;

• Guided Meditations that will help manage stressful days or bring a deeper sense of stillness to quiet ones;

• Short yoga classes you can do even in bed or a quick hop on the mat.

Architecture of Your Class

If you're curious, here's what you'll see in your videos...

Player View

Your player window will have the description of the class and NOTES on things you have to watch out for as well as props you have the option to use.

The Player will also have thumbnails of the videos in the channel.

Yoga Equipment
So, go ahead...







Let me help you establish a yoga practice that accommodates and responds to your physical, emotional, mental and lifestyle needs.  I want you to enjoy yoga and help you rediscover, nurture, and reclaim yourself through self-care...or just enjoy  #yogawithoutthewoo

The Reading Room

All the blogs are collected here.  There are three categories - Workshops that deconstruct yoga poses to make them achievable and safe, Demystifying Yoga which deal with how to interpret and relate the philosophies to practical, everyday life and the Friday Lives I do over at our FB Group.

You'll notice that I don't have an "about" page.  I have added it in as a blog post, so should you want to learn more about me, you can read it there.


Below are some of the featured articles.

The Affirmation Gallery

...and lastly, the Affirmation Gallery collects all the Mad Yogi cards which are likewise categorised in three - Workshops, Managing Roadblocks to Well-being and Philosophy.  Sign up as a member to access the gallery.



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