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Practice with Dedication

Updated: Jun 21

I like taking photos of bees. I'm always amazed by them in so many ways, not least is their seeming dedication and devotion to what they do. That seems silly when I really think about I don't! Haha!

But it got me thinking about how I relate this to the practice of yoga and how people would traditionally or conventionally understand this.

I wrote the following quite early this morning after a whole night of having the attached poster (I made of one of my bee photos) flying in my head.

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Practice with Dedication

"A Reflection on DEDICATION to our Yoga practise. Some would say a dedicated practise is ideally done as often as we can, following a set routine and learning as many topics about the subject. I agree to some extent, but the downside of such a rigorous structure is the judgement on ourselves that happens when we fail in sticking to it. We think that we’ve done a backslide and have to start again.

I don’t follow a schedule. I don’t follow a tradition or school of thought. I haven’t even read all of the Sutras. Does this mean I’m not dedicated? No, because I know I am. I know that I love yoga. I learn as much of it that resonates with my nature as I can. I know that when I need to practise – vinyasa for the body, meditation & study for the mind or Pranayama for the heart & spirit – I can and will.

Dedication and devotion to your yoga practise isn’t about rigidity. It’s about trusting that your practise will be there to go back to when you need it. In time, it will be part of your life, not just a lifestyle. Part of your nature, not just an adjunct. Part of who you are and as essential as breathing.

I hope, in some little way, my different point of view helps you in your yoga practice!

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