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Is there a downside to "You Be You"?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I'm sure you've come across the #youbeyou or the #youdoyou quote, line,'s everywhere!

I'm on board with this! Too long have we tried to mold ourselves to other peoples' expectations.

I can also see this during yoga classes. I see #yogastudents stress themselves by forcing their bodies into forms that they may not be ready for, or even should not do - all because of the assumption that this is the expectation; on top of the false idea that there's some shame to modifying your poses.

So, yes, be unapologetic about being you.

There's a pitfall though, and that's the ego.

We can fall into the assumption that everyone else has to accommodate us! We can be so blinded and so busy "being US" that we forget that other people also have the same right to be.

Remember that "yoga", at its core, aims to create unity - withIN ourselves AND withOUT; with other people.

Focusing on ourselves to care for ourselves is noble and very much needed, as I said. Without this, we risk running on empty and consequently have nothing to give to others.

Another angle is this - only in the dawn of the 21st century (at least in my memory) have we, as a society, finally started to accept the diversity of people, lifestyles, choices, etc. This is amazing because it shows progress in mindset! But how we live this, individually, and how we express it is like a pendulum swinging.

Over-focusing on just "us" (you be you) can be like walking into a room of mirrors and only seeing ourselves, being blind to others. That's separation, not unity.

Instead of being immovable in this mindset of "being YOU", why not be compassionate and kind towards each other.

Being aware and secure in ourselves while opening our minds & hearts to other people builds harmony and community...'tis better than being alone with just our ego as company.
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