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It's good to mix things up!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

One of the most precious moments I have when teaching yoga is when my students react to new flows, specially when they're new to my class or it's the start of a sequence cycle (which is every fortnight 😉).

I started teaching at our local Y in the first quarter of this year, and I wanted to ease my students into my type of class. Meaning, I'm a new face and had to build rapport with my tribe before giving them a strong "Mad Yogi" class. But after several years of teaching yoga, I've realised that the easiest way for new students to feel at ease with me is for me to be open with them as to what they can expect. This way, they're not surprised when their pre-conceptions of a yoga class isn't met.

In fact, I add that line in my intro spiel, specially when there are new members in class. I'd say "let go of your assumptions and preconceptions of yoga", and "I'm not a traditional yoga teacher. If that's what you were expecting, just give the class a go. You might enjoy something different."

This week (ending Friday the 10th of June) I introduced my tribe in Cranbourne to a very differently flavoured class. We did 5 classes, all strung together, from my Mini Flow Series. There were Cats & Kittens, Dogs & Puppies, and the Verpee© Flow!

At the end of the class, this is what I told them (and where all of the above was leading to 😉):

"It's ok to mix things up. Like our classes, we are not defined by a singular thing. We are multi-faceted creatures. We are never "just" one thing. When you mix things up, like trying a new flow, you tap into one of the easiest ways to rediscover yourself, because it gets you out of your own preconceptions and assumptions of yourself. And that opens up another dimension of you."

To extend this thought, doing new things or doing things differently isn't a betrayal of who you are, but rather, these simple adventures offers us an opportunity to practice deep self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Does that mean we should all go bungee jumping this weekend? No, of course not...

...unless you were already planning to!

What I mean is, part of self-awareness is our innate instinct of self-preservation. Finding comfort in the familiar is very human. Doubting something new and different is very human.

But mixing things up every now and then is like a seedling breaking out, it is how we grow.

It is like polishing a gem, it is how we shine.

It is like a new fold in origami, it is how we become multi-dimensional.

So, when an opportunity presents itself to have an everyday, mini-adventure via mixing things up, give it a go!

At the very least, you might have fun!

At its best, it's a way to grow and rediscover yourself.

At worst, you'll know that it isn't for you.

But all roads lead to your self-awareness.

So really, unless it's dangerous (in which case, don't, of course) there's no downside!

💙 Aileen

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