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M.Y. (Mad Yogi) Yoga Cards - quick WORKSHOP reference guide

Hello Mad Yogi Tribe! Here's a quick guide to the M.Y. (Mad Yogi) Yoga Cards! Some of them feature in the various workshop sheets, so please have a read of those for a deeper understanding of what these are; just click the links!

The others are featured on our Facebook page Mad Yogi, but I though collecting them this way makes things easier for you as a quick reference. I have included some of the write-up as well for more context to the M.Y. Yoga Card.


The Locks

From the article: The Misnomer of the Lock


From the article: The Importance of NOT rushing through Transitions


From the article: Modify & Choose Presence OVER Posturing


Hands & Feet

From the article: Ground Your Foundations

The Good (Downward Facing) Dog (from the article of the same title)

The Right Fit

Ironically, practicing yoga can trigger emotions of self-doubt and inadequacy when we see other yogis doing poses that we aspire to or (even worse) know we will never get to; and this doesn't apply exclusively to poses like full inversions or deep back-bends. For example, a deep stance in Warrior 1 is something practitioners aspire to attain.

The thing is, not everyone can achieve this and limitations aren't all about lack of flexibility - some joints just aren't built for the angles required for a deep stance. I offer you this shift in mindset - choose modifications that suit your anatomical structure. Work with what you have and go from there without force-fitting your body to what you think it should look. Moreover, physical limitations give us the opportunity to tune into the heart and mind.

The chance to quiet the ego, calm the emotions and experience self-acceptance and self-love is by far a greater, deeper expression and connection to a pose than the physical aspect - and the true benefits we take with us off the mat.

The Truth in ALL Asana

From Tadasana (Mountain Pose) to Svasana (Corps Pose), from beginners to advanced modifications and all poses in between, all of our asana (yogic postures) give us a myriad of benefits. There are no right or wrong poses, except one's that are unsafe, and you are more than welcome to adjust to suit your uniqueness.

Props for Props!

It's all about the Intention

From the article: It's all about the Intention, NOT the Institution

Participate in your Pose

This workshop deals with the question of our presence during class. Specifically - do we just let ourselves be led in class or are we actively participating in our yoga journey?

A simple way to figure out where we lie is when we're in a pose - are we in the pose just by mimicking it ( this is what we yoga teachers call "hanging in the pose" ) or are we participating by having that awareness of our alignments, our muscle activation, joint articulation, breath, focus & intention?

Are we PRESENT in the moment?

In this Yoga Card, I'm showing a shallower version of Side Angle Pose and some of the key cues I use. But sometimes, regardless of my efforts, some participants still tend to collapse the neck, upper arm and torso, over-lean forward and just hang in the pose - content to just be led from pose to pose without actually participating.

But, a change comes over some yogis when my invitation above is taken to heart - to deepen PRESENCE & PARTICIPATE in the pose, in the journey, in your yoga...and this is when some of the REAL magic happens.

I hope you got some valuable information, my Mad Yogi Tribe!

Visit often because this will be a growing list!


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