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Short blogs of practical and relatable yoga mindsets | volume 1

Updated: Jul 4

Hello everyone! I've collected some of my posts from our Facebook page! They're from our Managing Roadblocks to Wellbeing Collection 1 of practical & relatable yoga mindsets, which I'm updating at the same time.

We go though yoga mindsets in a practical, relatable and belief-neutral way, so you can use them in your everyday life.

To that, this blog will be updated as we go along. For sharable MRW cards, visit the Affirmation Gallery.

So, here we go:

Short blogs of practical and relatable yoga mindsets

Some days, simple reminders are live in HUMILITY, KINDNESS & LOVE.


Short blogs of practical and relatable yoga mindsets

Does it sound a bit woo-woo to you?

I understand if you feel that it is; it is unfortunate that others voice this truism in an esoteric way.

But the truth is, it's all about how we relate to each other.

Sometimes, we just click well with certain people. Then, there are those we just can't.

If we adjust our mindset to a willingness to live in harmony with each other - not just tolerance or have a nonchalant, "whatever" attitude - even the discordant "notes" in our life will have their place.


Short blogs of practical and relatable yoga mindsets

Would you believe me if I say that the most common barrier to our happiness is our own ego?

It's true.


Short blogs of practical and relatable yoga mindsets

Establishing a yoga practice grounded in dedication, patience & sincerity goes beyond the flow; these values help us tap into our self-care, empowerment, kindness and take these into our everyday life & share it with others.

The same is true for the non-physical aspects of yoga. Making the emotional and mental aspects also practical and relatable yoga mindsets creates an achievable, dedicated practice.


Short blogs of practical and relatable yoga mindsets

I'll admit to something here - sometimes I make my classes a tad bit challenging on purpose .

But hang on, I have a perfectly good reason!

There's still a lot of skewed perceptions on what a yoga class is "supposed to be". Some think it's "just" stretching, some think it's purely spiritual, some think it "shouldn't be this tough"...

Sentences in quotations are actual, btw.

What I always say is that yoga isn't just for the body, but for the mind and emotions as well.

What better way to underpin this but by throwing in challenges that invite you to have an honest discussion with yourself with the intention of cultivating self- awareness, confidence, self-love and self-acceptance.

You can stop and rest or tease the challenge - either option is an opportunity for growth.


Short blogs of practical and relatable yoga mindsets

Here, I offer you a mindset-shift regarding what it is to be healthy. Is it being muscled and buffed? Is it being vegan? Is it being in a perpetual state of happiness?

Would you actually be in balance if you achieved these?

The mindset-shift I offer is this: Being healthy is having a quiet mind, calm emotions and a nourished body.


I wanted to re-share this as a reminder to those who are burdened with self-judgement - that s#!t will just poison you.

Let all that go, learn to accept, love and be kind to yourself and share that mad love!


 I have an invitation for you - STOP HIDING YOUR LIGHT behind fear of a deity, antiquated thinking, peer pressure, - any belief system that shrouds you in fear and stops you from recognising your own strengths, passions, and ability to think for yourself.


Because seriously, F___ that!


If you make a mistake, own that. If you have a win, celebrate that!


Rediscover yourself and shine your light. You are whole and beautiful and strong in your own self - and let no one tell you otherwise.


Hello everyone! Here's another one of my favourites!

Diet is a very divisive topic in yoga communities. It is often at the centre of the "ahimsa debate", which has to do with vegetarianism/veganism, the idea of non-hurting, and the consumption of meat.


HOWEVER, all the hurtful, accusatory words hurled towards meat-eaters are often glossed over by non-meat proponents by saying these yoga practitioners are "not authentic" and "lacking integrity" and "just speaking my truth", giving themselves a hall-pass over going against Ahimsa.


Think about that.


Here's a truth - the yogic diet is simple - everything has its place. Barring anything that is ACTUALLY harmful to you, eat what you want; or don't. It's all up to you, really.



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