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June 11, 2018

It’s week 2 into my migraine and it’s been killing me! My head feels like it’s in a fog and cognitive processing is slow. 

My rights and lefts are even more muddled up than usual, going upside-down is unpleasant and turning my head to scan a roomful of people is making my head swim.


I needed to rest, but physically I was still fine and strong (ok, apart from everything I said above) but I had a new vinyasa flow and I was excited to teach it! Needless to say, I still did all my classes since the previous Sunday (end of March). But I made mistakes; multiple times in practically all my classes.


I made profuse apologies to my tribes. But you know what, none of them took my mistakes seriously. In fact, they were all so compassionate and kind about it.  Sure, one could say that, of course, they wouldn’t really say anything even if they were peeved.



But I don’t think that’s the case with my tribe. Their compassion gave my heart and mind the space to not even start judging and punishing myself for the mistakes in my flow instructions.


After the first three classes into my migraine week, I opted to take it easy with my own practice (which incidentally is always the flow I teach on any given week).  But I realised that while my body needed extra rest, my mind and emotions where well rested. And this was all due to the strength and energy I was drawing from my tribes’ kindness.


We all lead busy lives - work, play, social circles, home management (aka chores) and of course, taking care of our family. Sometimes the body can’t afford to stop moving or we’re unwilling to.


But if the emotions and the mind are nurtured, from the people who love you and from your own inner well of unconditional loving kindness towards yourself, it will be enough to get you through until the body gets that chance to rest.


…just don’t leave it off for too long😉





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