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Managing Roadblocks to Wellbeing | Collection 2

October 5, 2019

Hello lovelies!  Here's Collection #2 of our Managing Roadblocks to Well-being.  The over-arching theme for this set is Tuning Into Ourselves.


During the moments I was working on this piece, I listened to classical music - The Four Seasons, Brandenburg Concertos, Cannon in D... you get the idea.  My point is, for this work, classical music helped me tune into myself.


I invite you to cultivate your own rituals to help you tune into you - nothing complicated, just things you enjoy!

...and I hope you enjoy reading this collection!


Waking Up to Something You Love


My son took this photo of our dog, Scooter. He’s a rescue dog from a shelter and we adore him! He’s quite lazy though, and really loves his naps. But whenever he hears something – laughter, our resident noisy bird, dinner – he’d perk-up really fast and jump up on us, excited and happy. Sometimes my son would lie down next to him, face to face, and Scooter would wake up and try to lick Metatron’s nose. He’d always slide back on the floor and take yet another nap, but he’d always wake up to something he loves.


We may find ourselves in our own version of hibernation – feeling heavy and lazy, putting things off, coming back from a holiday and feeling you need to recover from it! Maybe you’re not 100% in one or more aspects of your life and you’re avoiding dealing with it out of fear, or feeling stuck, lost, powerless…


Our lives are more complicated than a lazy dog’s. But there is something to learn from Scooter. When we find ourselves in a hibernative state remember that there is always something to wake up to – anything or anyone. I know that’s not easy to believe, so let’s go down a short list of things that can get us out of our hibernation:


• Favourite hobby – go back to or start something. Things we love to do hold a spark of our authentic self and we instantly feel it the second we start.

• Be around people who you share love with – now, you don’t have to spend every second of every day with them. That’s just not feasible for some, or even safe! Ok, I joke, but you know what I mean. But the people we love anchor us to who we are and gives us that inspiration to wake up from our deep sleep.

• #Move! There’s enough research out there that substantiates the claim that #physicalactivity elevates our mood – to say the least. So, even though it’s really challenging at times, do a physical activity - anything! Clean out your closet, do gardening, play with your dog, come to yoga class!


So, insert your own reason for hibernation here:___, then wake up to something you love!


Inner Peace


Let me start this by giving you a #savasana #meditation for our #DoshaVinyasaYoga© Kapha Balancing flow:


“Let the effort of the flow just melt down and away from you. Let whatever is weighing on the heart, clouding the mind and darkening the spirit go with it. Let them all drop from your being to create space. Space for you to tune-in to yourself and find the peace that resides there. That peace has a natural home in your spirit, we just need to be reminded occasionally.”


We must listen within in challenging situations, for example, in our Kapha Dosha Vinyasa Yoga©. Strong sequences can trigger the stress response, but it’s the perfect opportunity to tune in to ourselves and ask where can the body go and when should it pull back? What are we feeling, and can we calm our emotions? What distractions is the mind throwing out and can we quiet it down?


Bringing this off the mat, it’s easy to forget to tune-in amidst our busy, noisy lives. It’s easy to be swept up in the dissonant rhythm of stress and accept this as our own. Therefore, it’s important to tune into ourselves in times of stress – to listen to the natural harmony we have with peace.



Simple Reminders


Some days, simple reminders are enough...



...and sometimes, you never know where your growth will come from...


Speaking about managing negative emotions, I just wanted to share this with you, my beautiful Mad Yogi Tribe ---I was been getting frustrated with Facebook because my ads keep getting flagged and I didn't know why but have a feeling that it was because of the word "negative" I used in the title  Managing Negative Emotions, what we previously used for all of this.


So to manage my own emotions over this frustration, I meditated on it and asked myself how can I get over this roadblock?


Then the proverbial light bulb went off!  So I'm changing the title of our mental, emotional, spiritual yoga companion to (drum roll!!!) MANAGING ROADBLOCKS TO WELL-BEING!


And you know what...I like it better! You really never know from where or from whom our lessons come from.

We just need to be open to receiving these lessons, breathe through it so we can discern truth (coming from our own inner wisdom) from deception (coming from our ego) and grow.



Find our mooring and find our strength


Have you ever felt as if you're untethered? if you're floating but not in a nice way.

There are times when I feel untethered... here's a short story...

While sitting here & writing this post, I thought it was a good example of this because I've been feeling this way --- I've typed whole sentences yet kept back-spacing. I knew what I wanted to say yet can't get there. The idea is in my head, I just can't tie it down; like a balloon that's been released in the wind.

Then my hubby asks me what drink I want - coffee or tea? And our son gives me a big hug and asks me if I'm ok. And just like that, I felt anchored; steady.

Like our balloon analogy, we don't have to feel as if pieces of ourselves are floating away uncontrollably and live with the fear that we're left with nothing. We have the kindness of the ones who love us for support.

Asking for or simply accepting the support from our loved ones has this amazing effect of helping us tune back into ourselves. It gives us the space, and to some extent a sense of being given permission to relax, find our mooring and find our strength.




The Edge


Strong poses and flows have the tendency to ignite our ego and push us beyond what is safe for our body, mind and emotions.

We've all heard the phrase "push our edge" but the ego can bring us to a state where we can hurt our body, doubt ourselves or inflate the ego; all of which causes us pain.

Pushing on our edge should be just that - just a conscious, determined, courageous BUT mindful push. When that wall, that "edge" won't move, we should stop and work on where we are. Then push again.

Mindfulness helps us tune back into ourselves; it's a practice in self-awareness, self-love and self-acceptance. It gives us a better, deeper understanding of ourselves and what we can do.




Subtle vs. Showy


I had a yoga student ask me today about two options for a tricky forearm pose . She's quite strong and I wasn't surprised she tried the more challenging option. But she told me she had to pare it back because her shoulders felt uncomfortable. Another student had a similar query; this time about pushing the heels back and down in downward facing dog .

In both these situations, I encouraged them to use the modified poses and give the body time to adjust and familiarize itself with the fuller version.

But even if the body really can't go any further, that's ok! For real, it's OK.
Yoga's benefits go beyond the body. It isn't about the big, showy poses, but the small and subtle changes it does to our heart and mind that's the real point of #yoga .





Natural Transformation


The yoga classes we all know and love can sometimes lead us into a very body-centric practice because we want to squeeze every little sweat out of our class. But we have to remember that transformation has a two-fold offering: 1) Immediate benefits, which is mostly body-centric, but not always. There are "a-ha" golden moments that occur that speak to our hearts and minds.

And 2) the deeper long-term transformations that have to be allowed to happen naturally. These natural transformations can benefit our psycho-emotional well-being and makes accessing balancing and calming techniques at the top of our consciousness. Body-wise, natural transformations make us more self-aware and creates a safer, more conscious body movement.

So, allow for transformation to happen naturally.



Let Yoga Resonate with you


In our current Pitta Dosha Vinyasa, we're talking about how ancient the practice of yoga is. It is old, and beautiful and steeped in tradition. The thing is, because of these very things, we can get bogged down with the idea and self-judgement that we "should" be doing the yoga practices as they were written ages ago. We don't!

We can make the practices of yoga current to YOU, the modern yogi, by practicing it to how it resonates with us. We can cultivate a transformational and nurturing practice because yoga is fluid and accommodating; we just have to trust in this and in ourselves.



Letting the Ego GO


Something simple and straight-forward...



Everything has a place and purpose


Mmmm...Chocolate! 🍫

Who likes chocolate?Who eats chocolate? Who can't eat chocolate? And who avoids it for your own reasons?

I'm asking to help explain the so-called " yogic diet".  But no, I won't go into the vegetarian / vegan discussion because that's a whole different world.  The yogic diet is simple - eat well , eat what you want , and eat smart . Everything has its place, even chocolate.

Sure, there are food we sometimes (or often) indulge in and often they're not good for us. Well, that's their purpose - to tell you "stop eating me!" or "just enjoy me in moderation". If we have allergies, then that's the allergens' purpose, again, to tell you not to eat it.

Our body is an intelligent organism. When it's warm, we gravitate to light, cooling food. When it's cold, we want warm, rich food. We just need to listen and discern between cravings {and you can draw a parallel between cravings/bingeing and the ego} and food that the body needs.

So, take control of your #diet and  be KIND to YOURSELF. No more harsh self-judgement. No more swinging diet fads.

Just sensible, attuned eating. 🍫



Conscious decision making


We don't have to be slaves to our emotions. We can control them rather than be swept up in its strong currents. This is not to say we shouldn't feel; we're not robots.  But strong emotions, whether we judge those emotions as good or bad, have the tendency to swing wildly like a pendulum to their direct opposite.

When we learn that our emotional response can come from conscious decision making, we can control that swing and be in a place of equilibrium.






I hope you enjoyed reading through our Collection 2 of Managing Roadblocks to Well-being!


Watch out for Collection 3!


All my love,

Aileen, your Mad Yogi






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