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The Gift Room©

Continue or start your yoga practice in the comfort and safety of your home.


I want to help you during this pandemic, and even when studios and gyms re-open in the wake of Codiv-19, online, on-demand yoga classes provide you with so much.

How is your yoga practice going?


I often here that the reason people don't have a home yoga practice is 

lack of time and self-discipline.  Usually, these are just self-doubt coming from mobility, strength, flexibility, body shape,

age issues and a general sense of feeling lost;

not knowing where and how to start.

Here’s what I have for you – try out my Mini Flow Series©.

They are short bursts of different intensity, different challenge,

and different paced yoga classes.

Have a taste of classes that support you with modifications,

the use of props and the encouragement to stop and rest when you need to - making them attainable and will improve or maintain your mobility, strength, and flexibility.


Because they're short, they'll help you in establishing your routine, giving you a self-paced, self-accountable empowering practice.

Let's create for yourself a yoga practice that will give you a healthy sense of self-love & self-acceptance to take with you off the mat.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your classes.

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These Mad Yogi Mini Flows are free.

But if you enjoyed them and find them useful,

a donation is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

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Your donation is appreciated

These Mad Yogi Mini Flows are free.  But if you enjoyed them and find them useful,

a donation is very much appreciated.  Thank you for your support!

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