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Appreciating the SMALL THINGS in Life

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

I turned 50! Leading up to my birthday, I was visited by memories...and there are a lot.

It's easy to gloss over the bad memories; to forget them or re-interpret them or worse, let them throw shade even up to the present.

My hubby used to joke that I had selective memory because I'd forgotten a whole lot, specially from when we were younger.

We knew each other before we were 9 years old. He would relate stories from our childhood, and I would have no memory of them or remember differently.

Then, there are memories so strong and painful that things associated with them still bring them up. For example, there are certain foods that, up until several years ago, I couldn't bear thinking about eating, because the memories associated with them are just too much.

And then there was these past two years - something everyone would want to forget!

Heck, we're not even really out of it yet and people have already forgotten how dangerous Covid is.

But, I've learned not to dig my nails in the bad. I've realised that if I keep looking at the imperfections, that's all I will see.

It hasn't been all bad, of course!

happiness, joy, gratitude

There are so many beautiful, sweet, enriching, magnificent...seriously, I can't put down enough adjectives to describe just how wonderful a lot of things in my life have been and continue to be.

For example, at this very moment, my hubby is making me giggle like a school girl...(that's all you get! hahaha!)...

We've been together for 30 years and we still kiss each other "goodnight".

Our little boy isn't so little anymore. He's finished high school and, in a couple of weeks (at the time of writing this), will be starting his university studies; but he still gives his Mum hugs!

And for our birthdays last year, my hubby and I are a few days apart in October, we ventured into another life adventure -

we got off the renting roller coaster!

SO, on the balance of things...

happiness, joy, gratitude

Well, here's a metaphor...

Rose petals are not smooth, contrary to the myth.

They're vein-y. They have discoloration. They have crinkles and warps and deformations...

These imperfections are on every petal.

But, DO those imperfections take away from the beauty of the rose?

No, I don't believe so...and that's life, isn't it?

We live by what we value.
I invite you to let go of the bad, enjoy the good, smile, give kisses, share hugs and make someone you love giggle like a toddler every now and then.

💙 Aileen


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