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The Real Meaning of Christmas from a Yogi's Perspective

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

I posted this on our Facebook Page and thought to put it here as well. It's my POV on all the seemingly conflicting ideals and beliefs on this end-of-year festival most of the world celebrate.

At the time of writing, it's less than a week to the 25th and companies are on overdrive with their ads and promos in traditional advertising and on social media.

Talk about stating the obvious, right?!

But with this also comes the complaints that Christmas has been so commercialised along with posts that we ought to remember "the reason for the season" and that presents are not all there is.

One afternoon, as few weeks ago, I heard a radio ad by one of our big mall brands. While I can't remember the exact words, the ad ended with the idea of buying presents as the REAL reason for the season. I remember my reaction being "Well, it's about time someone voiced it. Well done!"

Now, please don't think that I'm backing the idea of the commercialisation of the season. But it is true that it is part of it. The question is "why".

Here's the mindset shift question for you - more than materialism, spiritualism or religious institution, what are YOUR intentions in your celebration?

Let's put a pin in that a while...

We've all had a tough year.

But actually, it's a sentiment that's valid to express every year, isn't it? Not just after the Covid years, or the bushfire year, or the blizzard year, or flood years, or ____(add yours here)___________; and that's just what we've experienced as a society.

We've got our own *&^%$^%$@##@^& to deal with individually and as family units.

But at the end of every year, we are given this chance to heal.

This healing comes in the form of the Yuletide season.

We get to support our society and economy by supporting businesses; and they get to heal.

We get to inject kindness into our society by smiling and being understanding to strangers (specially shop staff); and this heals our community.

We get to show our care and attention to the people we love by getting presents that bring a smile to their faces and joy to their hearts; and this heals them and us.

Yes, all this implies a monetary aspect, but if you shift the importance to the reason you're spending, rather that the literal dollar value, then you've made

the "object" into something

of greater value.

What about the religious aspect of the season that presents itself as a barrier for those not of the faith from celebrating?

Let's do a kind of {wormhole, bending space-time} thinking for a bit.

(From the past)

"Christmas" was coined when the Church appropriated the pagan traditions of Yuletide and Saturnalia for conversion purposes. It was even considered a secular festival, which the ruling body of the Church at the time didn't like, hence banning the celebrations (not joking, look it up).

(To the present)

So, why does it have to be a theist-based festivity now? The answer is, it doesn't.

My point and mindset shift offering is this:


When we do, we move it beyond limiting beliefs to something that embraces the diversity of humanity, and we all get to participate in healing each other because we're celebrating together.

How very yogic, isn't it?

When we move past ideas that keep us from each other, we all become ONE. This is the love yoga teaches.

💙 Aileen

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